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Book One

Rebecca Austin was still recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped and abused by Kyle Reynolds. She had been caught in the crossfire of a revenge plot meant for her boyfriend, Eric Whitman. With Kyle behind bars, life was settling back into the normal routine. The only issue now was that normal wasn’t what she was feeling. Would she ever be able to go back to who she used to be? Can she find the strength in her survival instead of being crippled by her memories?

Hope Has A Glare

The Hope Trilogy

Glimmer of Hope

Becki Austin lives a stable, quiet life in New Rochelle, NY with her boyfriend Gary while pursuing her dream career at an animal shelter. While attending a banquet dinner for Gary’s employer, she meets the famous and handsome author Eric Whitman. After a successful night and a lot of hard work, Gary gets promoted to her delight, only for his new job to be located in Arizona. Her life now in a tailspin, will Becki drop everything to move across country leaving her career behind? Also, a coincidental meeting with Eric reveals his haunting past. Can Becki achieve her goals with Eric’s help, or will she be an unfortunate casualty should his past revisit him in the present?

Book Two

Final Hope Book Coming Soon