Into The Tempest - 2019

A Compass In You - 2019

Coming Soon

Shake It Up - 2019

A Compass In You is a standalone novel in the New Adult Romance genre. Jodi is discovering independence on her terms. Will the past trauma get the best of her? Can Jodi trust herself to find her own path?

Shake It Up is a standalone novel in the New Adult Romance genre. Katrina finds herself tangled up in a Band Competition when her best friends band loses their backup vocalist. Will her talent be enough to fill the void? Or is she the key that they didn't know they needed?

More To Come...

Into The Tempest is the third installment of the Young Adult Breeze Series. Be sure to follow Audra on her mission to find the truth that has eluded the 'Elements'. Will she be able to find justice before the riot brings on the biggest war the planet has ever seen?

Gone is the third installment in the Fade Away Series, the New Adult Paranormal Romance. Lauren's emotions has hit its limit. The fear of what could happen is gone. Has the Sanguis Bellator in Lauren finally taken over or can she be saved from herself?

Gone - 2019

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