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The Breeze Series

"Loved this one from M.L. Newman! I think this might be the best book she's written so far." - Readers Paradise, 5 stars

"Audra is the normal teenage girl who is thrown into a whole new world. I love that M.L. Newman is a master when it comes to characters. I would recommend this series to those who love fantasy." - Cyd D, 5 stars

"I found "Winds of Change" to be a pretty addictive read." - Suzie, 5 stars

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Fade Away Series

"Fun first book in a series. Will be reading the next book as soon as I've finished this one." - Bud N, 5 stars

"Such a fun book! I really liked "Fade Away" and you can put me down on the pre-order list for the sequel." - Anthony, 4 stars

"A brand new Young Adult series that really kicks off from the first book. I enjoyed "My Night Breeze" a lot and I can't wait to read the second book in the series." - Dot C, 5 stars

"I loved the first book in the series "My Night Breeze" and I didn't expect to be as blown away by this sequel. I hoped it would be as good though-- and it was. In fact "Winds of Change" is a much better book for the most part. I can't wait to read the third book in the series. Bring it on!" - Bookie, 5 stars

"'The Breeze Series' was one of my unexpected delights of 2015. " - Norman W, 5 stars

The Breeze Series

"'Fade Away' is one of the more interesting paranormal novels to be released in 2015. The story revolves around Laura Benson, a senior, who takes to fighting some of the freakiest creatures ever created by a writer. "Fade Away" is gripping, exciting and a great weekend romp." - Mel J, 4 stars

Young Adult Section

Young Adult Section